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Check list for organisations requesting a presentation or observing session

When considering requesting a presentation / observing session, it would be extremely useful to consider the following and as required supply us with relevant information.

We are able to give presentations or observing sessions anywhere in Swindon Borough or within a 10 mile radius.

Please note whilst presentations can be given any time of the year, practical observing sessions are only available from October-May due to the time in the evening when there is the required level of darkness.

Depending on the level of attendance required from our members in support of the event then sessions starting before 19.00 might not always be possible. In addition the viewing of meteor showers, which is a popular request, is only generally possible after 10pm. Due to the nature of British weather observing sessions are not always possible on the chosen evening and so a 'cloudy night' programme of presentation(s) only is usually the fallback.


(Please contact Damian Ohara for bookings )

Contact details including both telephone numbers and email address if available.

Location of presentation including directions and post code

Any particular subjects you would like covered, approximate age of the audience and any known level of knowledge, and for youth groups (for example Scouts / Girl Guides) whether there is a particular objective eg to cover a badge

Proposed date/s and time of presentation ( it would be extremely useful to supply us with several possible dates leaving sufficient time for us to organise the event )

Whilst our speakers will bring their own laptops, we do need a projector (though we have access to our own projector if necessary), a projector screen (or appropriate ie white wall to project on to), and access to a mains power supply

For large groups (in excees of 30) we may need the use of microphone

Parking facilities on site for up to 2-3 cars ( close to the venue if telescopes and equipment are required for display/ demonstration purposes )

We do not charge for our services and do not expect our host to do so.

Observing sessions

(Please contact Damian Ohara bookings )

When requesting practical, outside observing sessions please bear in mind that we are subject to the weather and also in order to view planets and other astronomical objects nights when there is a full(ish) moon should be avoided.

We do not charge for our services and do not expect our host to do so.

We also require extra facilities:

A hard standing with close access to vehicles to set up (telescopes and associated equipment are heavy and bulky , and we require sufficient space to set them up)

It would be very helpful if any security and flood lighting could be switched off in the observing area and any indoor lighting that impinges on the observing site during the actual observing session - the use of white light torches including mobile phones are to be avoided please since these affect night vision (astronomers tend to use red light for that reason)

It would be useful if we could visit the site prior to the planned observing session to check amongst other things the suitability of the sky eg Access to sky -Any obstructions, trees, fences and the like?
in the immediate vicinity

Direction of view - to the south, to the north? Help us decide what might be possible to view.

Welfare facilities provided? Toilets, warm drinks?

Please ensure all persons are dressed warmly for observing events (coats, hats gloves and suitable footwear)

Access to the site will be required at least half an hour before the observing session is scheduled to begin for setting up telescopes.

A New View of the Moon

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