Stargazing Event at Blakehill Farm Nature Reserve nr. Cricklade

































Working together with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust on the
14 December 2015
A Geminids Event when the weather did not play ball!
Originally conceived as an event to watch the Geminids Meteor Shower, the clouds closed in unfortunately and our plans changed to an indoor event for adults and children with activities and presentations by members of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Swindon Stargazers. Far from being a washout, it is true to say that everybody enjoyed the activities and learning about space. One presentation consisted of 'the sky at night around Blakehill Farm' (what we might have seen!), whilst another explained how meteor showers occur.
Credit: Ralph Harvey
About Wiltshire Wildlife Trust
We are the only organisation concerned with all aspects of the environment in Wiltshire and Swindon. We care passionately about wildlife and conserving our natural heritage.

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust was set up in 1962 to campaign and take action to protect the natural environment. Since then the Trust has grown to become one of the UK’s leading environmental charities, working to create a sustainable future for wildlife and people. We are, moreover, the only organisation in Wiltshire which is concerned with all aspects of the environment.

As a membership organisation, the Trust is committed to working with its supporters and volunteers and a full range of different partners. Our work covers the unitary authority boundaries of Swindon and Wiltshire. We are part of the UK Wildlife Trusts movement (a network of 47 local Trusts, which in total manage 2300 nature reserves and have a combined membership of over 800,000) and we also work closely with the other South West Wildlife Trusts.

More about Blakehill Farm Nature Reserve can be found HERE

Credit: Ralph Harvey
Swindon Stargazers working in the Community
Making a meal of astronomy is Richard on the right, with Michael Partridge viewing Richard's 100mm short-tube refractor. In the second picture is Robin Wilkey, with his 100mm long-tube refractor. Rob Slack also brought his 200mm Reflector, and all were on display so that visitors could get a closer look and ask questions. More about Swindon Stargazers can be found HERE

Hot drinks, cold drinks and stew was provided by members of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.
Engaging With Young People
One of the aims of both Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Swindon Stargazers is to engage and inspire young people, and hopefully we did this today. Young people are fascinated by all things 'space', we have found.
Stargazing at Blakehill Farm Nature Reserve

Swindon Stargazers hold ad hoc stargazing meets at the nature reserve and welcome anyone interested in looking at the night sky, we regularly view planets such as Jupiter and Saturn, when they are available, and also star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and of course, the Moon. You do not have to be a member of the society or own a telescope or binoculars as we all share our resources.

Information about our stargazing nights is usually given at short notice because clear nights are often far and few between, so we use emails to notify people about our nights out, which usually take place approximately every four or five weeks, depending on the weather.

More information about this can be found on our website HERE

All photographs copyright Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and used with permission
Credit: Wiltshire Wildlife Trust
Credit: Ralph Harvey
Credit: Ralph Harvey